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Explore and dream with Gogo


Gogo's bread tree


A creative little fish with big ideas.

Eric Hagan

The illustrations in this children's book are simply amazing!  A perfect book to read to your kids.

Tyler Allen

Being a mom, it is awesome to have your kid say Gogo and point to the book when it's time for a bedtime story,

Melissa Greenberg

What a wonderful uplifting story. It makes me feel so good every time I read this book to my children and watch their faces light up with huge smiles.

Amy Redvenky

You know it's a great children's book when it inspires adults too.

Adam Smith

Gogo comes to the realization that there is a vibrant life beyond the glass of the bureaucratic fish tank, and the only thing holding him back is his reluctance to swim.

Jeff Wager

If you're looking for a wonderful gift for your expectant child, or you've been shacked up with your kids and they're driving you up the walls crazy, they will love this book.

Jack Ludlum

Hands down, the best children's book to come out this year. This book is a must buy for your kids!

Erin Williamson

I received my book and the illustrations are so beautiful! I highly recommend this children's book!

Helen Anderson